Cam sessions feat. mistresstoy768

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Finally making positive steps to camming anal training and possibly more

❤️ It gives me great pleasure knowing people watch, wank and Dominate my cam sessions.

I sissy slut mistresstoy768, exhibited for your pleasure and for the love of anal, please help me with your wisdom and suggestions, impose tighter and shorter chastity to increase the effectiveness of my training, please make the most of me as I am drenched from every sissygasm and leaving me gaping for more, begging for real cocks and guzzling as much cum as I can.


I have only performed solo videos for last few years. Back in 2015/16 my Mistress at the time shot footage of my deflowering on her strapons and toys but I've not had access to those vids for some time, unfortunately only a handful of stills remain in existence. Ever since my videos are generally anal stretching but I hope camming may lead to bigger and more swollen things pumping my boi-pussy full of lumpy loads, without a doubt I really want to be f*cked sometime soon and I hope it is videoed, broadcast and accessable for you all to enjoy.

Oh my, I realise I can't say all that much yet, but I want veiwers to see how much of a good gurl I am, playing with my ass-pussy as directed by the veiwers instructive choice of practices. Hopefully, camming may lead to a Daddy using me for pleasure and scenes, of course my shopping lists and retail therapy antics are stacking up before I even do anything. My mind races through slutty and sultry outfits, heels, very big fancy dildos and cosmetic augmentation makes me leak profusely from my cage. I'm leaking when I think about cocks in my ass and my slippery slope to being a fulltime sissy, I hope this leads to me transforming and giving pleasure 247, I keep getting butterflies and adrenaline rushes thinking about it.

I will divulge more details as, when and if this happens, I hope I'm not just blowing smoke out of my ass (not yet anyway) Eitherway I genuinely want to explore and share my play and the more serious side of feminisation equally.

Something I can't hold back is my soppy, often overly-emotional feelings and my love for you all. I hope you are all staying safe, I can't help imagine playing with yourselves and making sure your sissygasms and heavy lumpy loads never go to waste. Most importantly, I know it's not really my place to say this but always try being nice with each other, we need to lick, kiss and nurse each other when we get sore and tired. With our lifestyles choices I value good hygeine and aftercare as a huge part of the loving nature of our blossoming femininity. I can't help go into fine detail how I may lick and kiss each boi-pussy whilst lubing cocks at every opportunity, not just out of need or lust but for the love I must express. Even in our most debuached of sexual acts, my ass, lips and tongue are best put to good use and I see no better alternative than sharing our love in an appropriate and caring manner, I hope we can all share our love and every drop of sissy squirt makes my belly growl, my tongue dangling in anticipation of each protein supplement.

Please feel free to message and please friend me if you like.

Kisses, gapes and licks, that sissy slut mistresstoy768 xx 

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