How i came to love men

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This is a true story of exploration of my femininity

.                My first time with a man 

       I was around 22 years old. A friend ill call him (mr big dick).was at my house . I was married to a woman at that time .(she had cheated on me ) so well i did to just with her brothers wifes brother. We had been drinking , she went to the restroom. He wispers to me can he suck my dick .i knew he was bi, i had no idea how much i was going to love cock . I said maybe. I really had to think about it. He asked later on, i said if i can suck urs to. No problem he said. The three of us sitting around talking. Crossdressing came up. Ive worn girls clothes since around 12 years old .(no one knew) .i decided if i was going to suck another mans cock I was gonna get fucked that night to ,going all the way .going to do it as a girl .we talking about crossdressing, so i went to bed room put on my wifes bra panties capri jeans and and a slutty top .i walked in the living room. Said i like to wearing wemons clothes.wife thought it was a joke, she didnt know i was serious. She eventually went to bed. Mr.big dick and i went to the grage.we fooled around for awhile. I sucked his cock i didnt see what was so bad about it.i asked him to fuck me . He asked me if i was sure ,yes i said .my fucking god it hurt so bad.he is every bit of 9 inches and fat like a sausage not a hot dog lol. He rammed the hole thing .fuck it hurt .thats as far as we went that night.

     About 2 weeks later he comes by again now as bad as it hurt u would think I would never try it again. Well i snuck the bitches clothes out of her room she went to bed i went to the rest room came out in panties bra and dress .i took him to the basement. It still hurt i couldn't do it so i jerked him off.he blew me.

     Serval weeks went by mr big dick comes again. I thought i hope it dont hurt this time.i went got some alcohol. Got my wife so drunk .she passout. I said lets go to the bed room .i got some lingerie and high heels. The heels i bought lingerie was the wifes. Went to rest room slipped into her lingerie put on my heels , walked in the bedroom and OMG! he put it in all the way and stopped. It didnt hurt .i started gyrating on it bouncing up n down . Till he came in me. I loved it !! It would be over a year before i was a woman again. 

         In that time the wife n i got divorced i moved in with my parents. The ex went out of town for a weekend. She said i could stay at her place to get away from my parents for a bit ,she didnt know i liked letting guys fuck me. So i called mr big dick he came over .i sent him to the liquor store. I put on her lingerie and brought a pair of heels with me .then i found her makeup. (I did a sloppy job i never put on makeup before) he came back i said why dont u sit on the couch and enjoy a beer while i enjoy sucking ur cock.and i enjoyed it, i rolled his hot cum around in my mouth before I swallowed it. We fucked all over her apartment for two days. I knew at that point i wanted men over women. I had a couple girl friends after that .i talked one in to banging me with a strap on. It was funny when her n i split up she gave me a big bag of her clothes she didnt wear any more.after we broke up i knew I never wanted to be with a woman again. Being the woman is so much better. Cute outfits. Sexy shoes, makeup, hair styles. And men hot strong men.i just wish I could have realised all this at a younger age. Being a girl is more fun than being with one,and pleasing men is better than being a man.

                    THIS STORY IS ? TRUE