My very closet sissy life

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I thought I'd start putting my struggles and more importantly my sucsess' of my very closet sissy life on to virtual paper.

So my first post of my first ever blog! Haven't got a clue what to do or say really so I might as well start with an introduction.


Hello everyone my name is Neil to everyone else. But my secret identity is Megan, saying it that way makes it seem like being a sissy is a super power ?. I'm super sissy ( pulls apart men's shirt to reveal my sexy lace lingerie). 

Ok back to normal now. I'm from around Bristol in the  uk where I have lived my whole life. 

I have a wife and 2 dependents hence the very closet sissy life. 

I got to the sissy portion of my life within the last year of so after getting caught up in the amazing porn genre sissy hypnosis ?????. But it all started at the tender age of 16!(22 years ago now, wow!) I was reading the usual lads mag of the 90's and in the back was the shop advertising. Amongst the usual manly selection and suits and grooming was one that caught my eye. Transformation was the name at the top. Still remember it to this day. It was a shop that sold products for the man with more feminine tastes! "Clothes and products for transvestites" bit what the hell is a transvestite I thought. So I did what any 16 boy does type trans porn into Google! And wow! What I was greeted with stirred something in me that seems to have bound it's self to my DNA! 

Unfortunately that shop is no longer there and to this day I'm gutted I never went in. Although I did take to long walk from the bus stop but bottled it at the last second. 

So maybe or maybe not like some people on here I stole a pair of my mum's knickers to see what it felt like. I mean she wouldn't notice a pair or 2 go missing would she!....(I think she definitely did notice tho) putting those knickers on for the first time was almost like putting the right key into the lock, it just felt right, like I was completed. Life a piece of my life that I didnt even know I was missing was suddenly found. 

Fast forward a few years due to only really wearing knickers and wanking to pretty much tranny porn and I decided to maybe look at buying 1 butt plug or a dildo just to see what it was like to to penetrate my ass with something other than a finger. Well I think I ended up buying about 6 in total?. Hey what's a girl supposed to do with so much selection just buy one?! I guess that was another turning point for me. And from then on I have purchased many different sizes and shapes and unfortunately I have purged may times to. But that's a whole other blog I think.  

I'm hoping that if you've made it this far into my story your not bored shitless. 

Now to speed right up and get to about a year or so ago.

My introduction into sissy Hypno. I think it was hypnocypher I found first, my eyes widened and my chin dropped. Where had this ultra condensed, seizure inducing porn been hiding. I was hooked instantly. 

It had an almost immediate effect on me. I'd thought about getting fucked but only by another crossdresser as that didn't seem gay in my mind. But now I didnt care I just wanted cock. I just wanted to be one of the girls in the movies. I still haven't gotten a chance to see other dick in real life yet, but hopefully one day I can get my lips around one. 


So that's it a shortish story of my life. Im sat here writing this with a plug in wearing a thong while the wife is at work just living my secret sissy life! 

If anyone has any other questions I'm more than happy to answer. 


Love you all, Megan ???

Vicky The sissy 19 hours ago

Hi Megan
(Very sexy name by the way)
I'm Vicky I started crossdressing when I was 14 wearing my sister's school swimsuits (I love Lycra) and later her panties and bra. Saw my first porno ( deep throat ) and instantly wanted to be Linda Lovelace I said to my friend I want to do that and he said me too ( I don't think he got what I meant ) just to age sixteen he catches me wearing his sister's bra and panties ( she had huge boobs they fascinated me I wanted a pair ) any way he says I look sexy and smiles at me and drops his pants and before I knew it I was on my knees sucking his cock and I loved it he shot his load thanked and walked out and a year later he took my cherry 🍒 it was the wonderful night of my life he gave me some of his mum's old lingerie and pretty dress I felt like a bride and I became his sissy fuck slut best years of my life

Lana Sub 1 month ago

Great blog, sums my journey pretty well too xx

Great to hear about other in the same boat