Becoming A Sissy Maid (Part 3)

The final chapter in this three part story concluding how Sammy became a maid

Unsure really what to do or expect Sammy entered the bungalow, having never felt sexier or more excited she edged further into the doorway following Geoffs instructions to turn left into the living room. Once there she saw a table with a pink feather duster. This was the last instruction on the list so Sammy began to dust expecting Geoff to appear at some point.

A few minutes passed by the more she dusted, the more her tight maids dressed rose up and Sammy made sure when Geoff does eventually make his appearance he’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of her ass and balls first. Sammy was eager to make a lasting first impression and this was the way to do it. 

A few more suspenseful minutes passed of Sammy awaiting this mystery Geoff, whilst she’s dusting this room exposed in only a flimsy tight dress and the kind of high heels that have no practical purpose other than making a man want to fuck her more she wondered how much longer she’d have to wait for Geoff. 

As Sammy continued to dust on her knees her sissy ass exposed along with her balls slightly peeking between her legs she suddenly felt a presence behind her. There was definitely someone behind her, they didn’t speak and neither did Sammy she just continued to make sure he could see the very thing she wanted him to put his cock inside. Showing him the goods straight off the bat. 


Suddenly a soft toned voice spoke out “Well you’re definitely much more beautiful in real life, your profile doesn’t do you justice” said Geoff


“Thank you” replied Sammy nervously, still bent over with her back towards him.


“Aren’t you going to come and say hello?” Asked Geoff.


Sammy turns around and stands up, as she goes to greet this smartly dressed, chequered shirt and beige trousers, handsome older looking gent she notices a bulge in his pants. She’s already turned him on and she knew it. From there knowing she had caused this guy to become hard and erect Sammy guessed the probably of him fucking her before the day is over was high. 


“Hi” says Sammy. 


“Please tell me exactly what you want me to do for you. What do you prefer that I call you?” She added. 


“I don’t mind Geoff, but I am old enough to be your daddy so you can call me daddy, if you want” Replies Geoff. 


Sammy wanted nothing more than to call Geoff daddy and be told what to do by him. Her submissive nature had really set in and pleasing this man in any way possible is all she could think about. Sammy had been with guys before but this was different, a whole new level.


“Please can you go to the back bed room and begin to dust in there” Geoff ordered.


“Yes daddy, right away” Responded Sammy.


Sammy headed straight to the bedroom and began to dust, although not much dusting needed to be done there was a selection of sex toys sprawled across the bed. Three different size dildos, a small and large buttplug and purple anal beads with a bottle of lube at the side. Continuing to dust the windowsill and picture frame without warning Sammy felt Geoffs hand firmly grab her ass and whispered “So nice”. 

Sammy had never felt this way, as Geoff continued to caress her ass now both hands. Sammy felt a feeling shoot through her body, her sissy ass felt like it needed a cock inside it and the need to truly submit to this man. 

As Sammy continues dusting, Geoff spits on his finger and slowly starts to rub his finger around Sammy’s hole. Gently tickling her asshole, dipping his finger in more and more slightly each time. The more he does this the more she moans, but she still carries on with her sissy maid duties. Suddenly Geoff stops and grabs Sammy’s head with one hand whilst unbuttoning his belt with the other, exposing his hard throbbing cock ready to make this sissy gag on. He then grabs her head with both hands and begins to deepthroat her, she gags and slurps all over his cock. Taking every inch down her throat. 

The loss of control to this man was exhilarating and Sammy couldn’t get enough of this moment, feeling his cock in and out of her throat. Gagging and eyes watering she fell in love with having her mouth and throat fucked, she’d sucked plenty of cocks before but no man ever truly dominated her the way she always wanted, not like this. Suddenly, Geoff reached back and grabbed the large buttplug, spat on it and gentle started to slide it in to Sammy’s ass. Slowly he stretches her sissy ass a little more each time, whilst she continues to suck on his dick, her appetite is too big now, wanting him to force his cock more each time. Geoff gets the final part of the silver buttplug in her hole as she carries on taking his 8 inch cock down her throat, gagging, choking and slurping. 


Geoff pulls Sammy’s head up towards him and says “Let me fuck you sissy”.

“Yes Daddy, of course” she replies.

Geoff proceeds to take off the remainder of his clothes, grabs the lube and squirts it onto his rock hard cock, rubbing some of the lube between Sammy’s hole to get it ready for cock. It was at this point Sammy noticed Geoff wasn’t wearing a condom. Everyone she’d let fuck her in the past always had a condom on, that was the rule. She told herself how she must please him and his cock tasted so good and thought fuck it. 

Geoff pulled out the buttplug replacing it with his bare cock, Sammy had never felt a cock bare in her ass before and the deeper it slid in the better it felt. As his cock slid in and out Sammy couldn’t help but shout out “Please Daddy, fuck me”. Geoff begins to fuck her ass harder, whilst she’s using both hands to open her ass and get his bare cock as deep as possible. 

Geoff lets out a groan and announces that he’s going to cum. “I’m cumin’”. “Is he going to pull out or cum in my ass?” Sammy wonders. Although there seems to be no sign of him pulling out so Sammy just does what any good sissy does, and that’s just let daddy do what he wants. Geoff lets out a loud groan and again announces “I’m cumin’”. That answers that question as she can feel the warm feeling of his cum inside her, Geoff continues to fuck Sammy’s ass using his cum as lube as it slowly drips out and asks “Will you be my sissy?” To which Sammy replies “I’ll always be your sissy daddy.” Daddy continues to fuck Sammy and they kiss on the mouth passionately. 

Pleased with herself she’d accomplished what she set out to do. Now Sammy began to wonder what other fun she could have as a newly discovered sissy maid.


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