Birth of a sissy

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How i have evolved from a t girl to a sissy slut that needs cock .

Well here goe's my 1st ever article .  It all started over a decade ago after years of hiding i finally showed my wife my fem side. After a bit of dutch courage i slipped upstairs and put on some of her clothes .I nervously went back downstairs ready to laugh it off as a joke if she reacted badly. Her 1st reaction was a bit cool but after a short while she warmed to me and we enjoyed the rest of the evening. Not wishing to push it i didn't mention it the next day . But she did and wanted to see more . I excitedly obliged. She looked me up and down and said from now on your name is liza . Things quickly progressed from there she brought me a whole new wardrobe and i started hrt treatment . Within weeks i had breasts and my body and face changed . Apart from work i am liza . Only downside was sex became difficult i had wrecked my cock. Only thing left was to try a trans date and see what happens . As i slipped his cock into my mouth she looked on in amazment untill she could'nt resist joining in . Suddenly everything fits and she decides that only t girls can satisfy her needs . We have enjoyed this for years but finding a top t girl is now getting harder .So we have now decided that we need a man a real man so sissy liza was born. Her job is to serve men blow them fuck them drain them while she watches untill she decides its her turn i then watch her get well and truly fucked to orgasm . If he still has any cum left to give its mine and she lets me have it . Happy day's xxx 


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