Sissy Chronicles 1.4: How I met my mistress and became a sissy. By: u/SnooChickens9965

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Part 13 A:


The rest of the day at school was fairly boring. Olivia give me some tips on how to sit with a skirt on, with my legs always crossed, and that was tough adjusting too. Beyond that, no one really talked to me. Some people snickered and laughed at me, so just a typical day at school for me.

After school I walked to Aubree’s car, where the three of them were waiting for me.

Olivia: “So sissy, when we were talking to Chase earlier, he invited the four of us to a party on Friday night. So that’s part of the reason why we’re going shopping. We need to get you a dress, heels, and makeup.”

Aubree: “The other reason why we are going shopping, is we need to get you more outfits for school. From now on, you will not be wearing any boy clothes.”

Dan: “At all? What about around my parents? Or…” My voice trailed, as I realized there was no way they would accept any other reason, for me to not wear girls clothes.

Brooke: “You can wear boy clothes around your parents and family. But that’s it. If you’re out in public, with or without us, you have to wear girls clothes.”

Aubree: “oh and another thing, we will allow you to still keep your girl clothes at my house, but you will have some at your house. So you better find a good hiding spot for them.”

I gulped at the thought of my parents or my Caroline sister finding out. Caroline has tortured me my whole life, I couldn’t imagine what she would do if she found out I was a sissy.

We finally arrived at the mall. First we went to a dress shop. The four of us went up to a sales girl, who looked to be a college student, in her early 20s. She had brown hair, very tan skin, stood about 5’8.” She had a very nice body with probably B cup tits.

Olivia: “Hi are you Kacie?” I thought this was a dumb question, since her name tag literally said Kacie on it.

Kacie: “Yup that’s me. What’s up?”

Olivia: “Oh good. I I’m Olivia, I spoke to you on the phone earlier today, to see if you could help our little sissy here, Sarah.”

Brooke whispered in my ear: “Curtsey bitch.”

I was shocked she would ask me to do this I’m a public store, but immediately obeyed and curtseyed.

I was about to speak, but Kacie cut me off.

Kacie: giggle “you must be Sarah. Aren’t you just the cutest thing? Come on follow me to the dress section.

All four of us followed her to another section of the store. Facing me, she says to me. As we walked I became fearful that today was going to be filled with a lot of humiliation.

Kacie: “Alright let me look at you, you look like you’re about my size, maybe a little shorter. Hmm” she suddenly squeezed my chest and my stomach. “Is she she going to be wearing fake tits?”

Olivia: “maybe eventually, but we want people to see her for who she is, for now.”

Kacie: “Okay and how much do weigh sweetie?”

Dan: “135.”

Olivia: “okay then you should be a size small.”

I knew I was small for guy standards, but being small for girl standards too, was just humiliating.

Aubree: “that’s not the only thing that’s small.”

All four girls laughed at that, as I blushed. As they began looking through dresses.

Kacie: “what kind of dress were you guys thinking?”

Olivia: “something that would get her laid.”

Again all four girls laughed, as I blushed.

Olivia: “well it’s a surprise birthday party for one of our friends. So we were thinking like a homecoming style dress.

Kacie: “oh okay, so something short and slutty.”

Again all four girls laughed, as I was internally screaming with fear.

Aubree: “how about this one?”

Aubree pulled out a bright pink dress. It looked very small and tight, I didn’t know how I was possibly going to fit into it.

Olivia: “oh yes that looks perfect. Sarah go try this on.”

Dan: “Yes mistress.” I lowered my head and reluctantly walked over. Grabbed the dress and began walking towards the changing rooms.

Olivia: “Oh and Sarah, walk out here so we can see.”

Dan: I turned around and said “yes mistress.”

When I got in the changing room, I could hear the girls talking outside.

Kacie: “She’s so well trained. How long has this been going on?”

Olivia: “Only two months! It’s remarkable how far she’s come. She won’t admit this, but she secretly loves this.” I blushed. She was absolutely right. I loved this.

Kacie: “that’s so great. And is her clitty locked?”

Olivia: “oh yes she’s been locked for almost all of those two months.”

Kacie: “that’s amazing. Has she hooked up with any guys yet?”

Olivia said something next but I couldn’t quite make it out. They continued talking, but in whispers, so I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying.

The only thing I heard Kacie say was, “I’ve always wanted my own sissy.”

Okay back to this dress, I thought to myself. I noticed the dress had an overhead strap, that tied on the back of my neck. I figured I would tie the strap, and then slip it over my head. However no matter how many times I tried I couldn’t figure it out. It was either too tight, or too loose, or I would screw something else up. I then tried starting from my feet, but the dress was too tight and I couldn’t get it over my thighs.


Part 13 B:


I texted Olivia: “I can’t figure out how to put this on, can you come help me?”

I had taken off my bra to try on the dress, but I stood there naked, aside from my panties and the cage, of course. There was a knock at the door, when opened it, Kacie walked in.

Kacie: “I told Olivia I would help you. But first let me look at you. Do a spin.”

I spun around as she groped my ass, and lightly spanked me.

Kacie: “this is a great sissy ass, built for fucking. I assume your mistress fucks you with a strap on?”

Dan: “yes… yes mistress kacie.”

Kacie: “That’s a good girl referring to me as mistress. I noticed you didn’t earlier. I could punish you for that, but I’ll let it slide since it was the first time. Now let’s get a look at your clit.”

I spun back around, as she pulled my panties to the side and massaged my locked clit.

Kacie: “I know some cute guys that would be very interested in a sissy like you. Would you like me to introduce you sometime?”

Dan: (I hesitated terrified of the consequences that would happen if I said yes.)

SLAP. Kacie slapped my ass HARD, I was sure the girls heard it outside. Hopefully no one else in the store heard it.

Kacie: “Sissy, you will fucking answer me when I ask you something. Now answer fucking faggot.”

I got down on my knees, begging for forgiveness.

Dan: “I’m so sorry mistress Kacie, I would love to meet some of your cute guy friends.”

Kacie: “Such a good girl. I knew you would. Now let’s get this dress on you.”

She pulled the dress over my head, and smoothed out all the wrinkles and everything. The dress was very short and slutty, I realized had to be careful that the dress didn’t ride up too high or my ass would be out.

I walked out to the three girls they were all applauding, telling me how cute I looked, telling me the boys would be all over me. I blushed the entire time. All of this boy talk had my clitty very hard in its cage.

As we were standing at the counter paying for the dress, Kacie looked at me and said.

Kacie: “Sarah, why don’t you tell your mistresses what I told you in the changing room?”

I suddenly blushed, and was very embarrassed, I was praying this wouldn’t come up again. Looking down at the floor, I said:

Dan: “um uh mistress Kacie said she has some cute guys she’d like me to meet.”

All four girls laughed.

Olivia: “oh did she. Well that’s an offer we just can’t refuse.”

Kacie: “I have to attend to other customers, but I wrote my phone number on the receipt, give me a call.”

The rest of the day we bought skirts, tops, leggings, jeans, and heels. After two hours of shopping, I finally thought the day was over and I could go home. When Olivia said to me.

Olivia: “alright sarah we just have to stop at Victoria secret then we will be done.”

I groaned another store. Ugh.

Aubree: “remember sissy if you want to cum tonight do exactly as we say.”

Dan: “Yes mistress Aubree.”

Part 14:


We arrived at Victoria Secret, Olivia had explained on the short ride over, that the store was closed but she had the key.

Olivia: “Alright sissy, we’re looking for 2 things for you, a teddy, and a nighty. Since you’ve been a good girl today, I’ll let you pick them out.”

I picked out a pink nighty that looked a cotton dress, but was very comfortable and felt very comfortable to sleep in. Olivia told me she wants to sleep in it every night.

I then picked out a pink see through lace teddy with a white trim, the teddy parted in the middle, and didn’t come back together until just above my waist. Under my “boobs” it had 3 hearts that were placed on individual straps. The back of the teddy was a thong, and the pattern on the lace was flowers. I thought it kinda looked like a one piece bathing suit. It looked very sexy and slutty indeed. When I finally put the entire ensemble on, Aubree said.

Aubree: “awww oh my god the boys are going to love you. You little slut.”

Brooke: “if I were a guy I’d definitely fuck you.”

I blushed as the girls excitedly exclaimed how sexy I looked. I could feel my little clitty getting harder and harder in its cage, but I didn’t know why. I guess it was because of all this boy talk. I still didn’t even know if I wanted to hookup with a boy. I know I told Olivia, Brooke and Aubree, how much I want to suck cock, but I just did that in the heat of the moment, and because I was so desperate to cum, I would do anything. I know I didn’t find guys attractive, so what was it? I didn’t know the answer to that.

Olivia: “how do you think you look Sarah?”

Dan: “I think I look beautiful mistress.”

Olivia: “Well that’s what’s most important. Alright we’re going back to my house. We have a surprise waiting for you there, sissy.”

As we drove I began to notice I was getting very horny, anticipating my surprise, and the chance to finally cum. I was very nervous, but excited at the same time about the surprise.

Olivia: “Sarah it is very important that you obey us tonight. If you don’t, not only will you not cum, but you will be severally punished.”

Dan: “I understand mistress Olivia.”

I silently groaned, as I thought ‘what more could they want from me.’

We finally got to Olivia’s house, we walked in, and to my shock we saw Jack sitting in a chair, drinking a beer, watching a hockey game. Jack stood up and walked over to us.

Olivia: (whispered to me) “curtsey and then kneel.”

Dan: “hi.. hi.. jack”

I said extremely nervously as I curtseyed and then kneeled, next to Olivia.

(Jack now standing over me and Olivia, as we both looked up at him.)

Jack: (snickering) “fucking pathetic. Beg. You know what you want, fucking faggot.”

Looking up at him, with sad puppy dog eyes, just like Olivia taught me.

Dan: “Jack, may I please suck your beautiful cock. I desperately want your delicious cum.”

I placed my hand on the front of his jeans and began to rub his soft cock through his jeans. I could feel how massive now he was, even when soft. I could feel my clitty getting painful hard in its cage.

Jack: (laughter) “Open my fucking pants.”

I reached out and undid his jeans, and pulled his pants down. I once again began massaging his cock through his boxers, as I felt it grow in my hands.

I pulled down his boxers and out bounced his semi hard cock. Even semi hard, it was astonishing how beautiful it was. It was 5 inches, and thick. I began jerking him off, as I felt his hand on the back of my head. I leaned forward, opened my mouth and began sucking up and down.

Jack: “You will address me as sir, from now on. I don’t give fuck where we are, in public or not. You will not say no to me, every answer will begin with yes sir. Olivia you will be punished for not telling her this. Keep sucking bitch.”

I never thought I was gay, but something about being forced to my knees by another man, made me desperate to please him. Desperate for his cum. I used one hand to jack him off, as he was in my mouth, while using my other to fondle his big balls.

I took his duck out of my mouth, kissed the head, licked up and down his gorgeous cock. Then I swirled my tongue around his head, and plunged all the down his cock, as I could feel him in the back of my throat.

Jack: “I can tell you’ve been practicing on my fake cock Olivia give you. You’re almost better than her haha. Such a fucking faggot slut.”

Oddly enough the more he degraded me and called me nasty names, the more I wanted to please him, and the hornier I got.

Jack (groans loudly) “you did a great job teaching this slut, Olivia. Just as I instructed. Bend her over the couch. I want her boipussy.”

‘Just as he instructed’ that threw me off, what did he mean? Was this all Jack’s idea?

Part 15:


Story starts off with Jack saying he wants to fuck my ass

Olivia: “Sarah give Jack your ass, and I promise we’ll let you cum.”

Dan: “yes mistress Olivia.”

Jack: “both of you shut the fuck up. Sissy get on the couch and bend over, bitch.”

Dan: “Yes sir.”

I got on the couch and got in doggy, Olivia attempted to get underneath me at first, until Jack said.

Jack: “oh no slut, if I’m going to make your sissy into a girl, you come over here. If I’m gonna fuck another dude, I’m at least going to fondle some tits.”

Olivia: “yes sir.”

Olivia stood up and walked over next to Jack, behind me.

Aubree: “Don’t worry Sarah, I can take Olivia’s place.”

As she lay part way underneath me, so her face was even with mine.If you saw this in a picture, you would think Aubree and I, were about to fuck. The only problem here was, there was a very attractive and naked man behind my bare ass, and Aubree was completely clothed.

I was confused as to what was going on, but I had no time to think about that, because Jack just slapped my ass HARD.

Dan: “yelp.”

Jack: “beg me. You know what you want. Fucking slut.”

Dan: “please Jack oh please fuck my sissy faggot ass, please Jack I desperately need to feel your cock inside me. Please make me a girl, sir.”

Everyone in the room roared in laughter.

Jack: (still laughing) “It’s so cute when sissies are put in there place. You’re so pathetic, fucking faggot, time to make you into a bitch, officially.”

And with that jack plunged his cock inside of me, I loudly groaned as he pounded my ass.

Jack: “ughh she’s so so tight.”

Aubree: “now that you’re finally getting fucked, does your little clitty want to cum Sarah?”

Jack was fucking my ass so good I had forgotten aubree was underneath me.

Dan: “oh yes please mistress Aubree, please let me cum.”

Aubree: “okay, if that’s what you wish. But, if you cum now, we will never let you cum again, unless a dick is either in your mouth, or your ass. Do you still want to cum?”

She was seriously making me decide that right now?? Jack’s dick felt so good, I could hardly concentrate.

Dan: (in between moans) “when… would… I be able…. to cum… without a dick.”

Aubree: “I can’t answer that, I don’t know. Could be right after he’s done fucking you, or it could be 3 months from now. But I need an answer right fucking now sissy.”

Dan: “Now… please now mistress Aubree… please make me cum now.”

Aubree: “okay then sissy bitch, if you say so.”

Aubree then removed a key from her pocket, and unlocked my chastity cage. I immediately felt a great sense of relief, and was immediately rock hard.

Aubree: (giggle) “I haven’t even touched your cock yet and your rock hard. You must love jack fucking you like this, treating you like a complete whore.”

Dan: (moaning loudly) “oh yes mistress Aubree I really do love it. I am Jack’s whore. Jack please harder, fuck me harder.”

Aubree began stroking my cock. I finally had the girl of my dreams underneath me, in a position I have dreamed about forever. Only problem was, I was being fucked in the ass by a real man, and Aubree was completely clothed.

After only a couple minutes of Aubree stroking my cock, I could feel myself about to cum.

Dan: (moaning) “ohh mistress, mistress, I’m… about… to… cum!”

Aubree: “cum for me, cum for me, my sweet sissy.”

As Aubree continued to stroke, and Jack continued to fuck me harder and harder, I erupted. Nearly a months worth of cum was built up in my balls, it was the longest and most pleasurable orgasm of my life.

My orgasm felt like it lasted for an eternity, I was resting my head on Aubree’s shoulder, completely exhausted. Jack continued to fuck me, but at this point, I was just used to the repeated pounding.

Aubree: “come on sit up Sarah, you have one more thing you have to do for me.”

I now noticed a glass bowl Aubree was holding, I was staring at it confused.

Aubree: “That’s your cum sissy, yes that’s your cum.” Aubree held the bowl to my lips, “now drink your cum like a good cum slut.”

This is so disgusting I thought to myself, why would anyone do this. What the fuck was the point of this? But I knew better than to object.

Dan: “yes mistress.”

I gulped and swallowed all my cum down my throat.

Aubree: “good girl!! Don’t worry that won’t be the last cum you taste!!”

What in the hell did she mean by that? I again questioned to myself.

Aubree got up from underneath me, as jack continued to fuck me. I began looking around the room, I now noticed Brooke was filming! Had she been filming this entire time? God knows how long this has been going on for, it felt like 10 minutes, but could very well be 20 or more. I was suddenly horrified, but I was in no position to protest.

Suddenly Jack said: “oh god I’m gonna cum, where should I cum?? Where??”

Until he said that, I wasn’t horny, but hearing him say that got my juices flowing again.

Dan: “oh jack ohh please cum inside me, please jack.”

Olivia: (laughing) “I was going to be nice and let him cum on your back, but if you insist slut.”

Jack: “oh I’m cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

Jack finally finished cumming which felt like forever. When he was done I finally got up, noticed Olivia was now naked, I guessed because Jack had been feeling her up.

Suddenly all three girls started clapping.

Olivia: “congrats Sarah! You’re now officially a girl!”

I meekly smiled, I was to exhausted to argue.

Part 16:


I was laying down, on the couch exhausted, too tired to move from the position jack had fucked me in. Jack had already left, I thought to myself ‘what an asshole, I let him cum in my ass, and I don’t even get a goodbye?’

Olivia: “Alright sissy, now that you’re essentially a girl, we need to begin the process of fully feminize you.”

How am I not fully feminized already? What more could they want??

I stood up, as Olivia was kneeling at my feet, holding something behind her back. I realized Brooke was still filming me, what could this be about?

Olivia: “It’s time we make your little dick, non existent. We thought it was time to put you into a smaller chastity cage, Isn’t that great? Say thank you.”

I silently groaned I really didn’t want to say thank you, I didn’t know how my dick could possibly fit into anything smaller. But I knew better than to object.

Dan: “oh yes my mistress’s that is a great idea. Thank you mistress Olivia, Aubree, and Brooke, for putting me in a smaller cage.”

Olivia brought it out from behind her back, and begin locking it on my clitty. She soon began to realize I was too big for it.

This new cage was easily half the size of the old cage, I didn’t see how it was possible anyone could fit in there.

Olivia: “Aubree would you get some ice? Her sissy clit won’t fit.”

Aubree: “of course, anything to help our little sissy.”

Aubree came back with some ice, the ice was in two plastic sandwich bags and the two of them held them to my dick. After 3 or so minutes my little clitty was about a half of the size, as it was before.

Olivia: “alright that should be good.”

With that the cage slipped on with ease. I had zero room to grow, if I got hard at all, it would be very painful.

Olivia: “oh and Sarah one last thing, this is a vibrating dildo, from now on if you want to cum, you’re going to cum like a girl. So now you can use your pink dildo, or this pink vibrating dildo.”

Dan: “oh thank you mistress Olivia. I can’t wait to use it.”

Olivia, Aubree, and Brooke all giggled.

Olivia handed me a pink vibrator, it was about 8 inches long, and looked like a perfect cock, with an on/off vibrator switch at the bottom of it.

Aubree: “Go home and get some rest Sarah, now that you’re a girl, we have a big day planned for you tomorrow.”

When I laid down to go to bed, I couldn’t stop tossing and turning, the new smaller cage was extremely uncomfortable, and rather painful. I frantically texted the group chat of me, Olivia Aubree, and Brooke.

Dan: “Guys I can’t sleep this smaller is too uncomfortable and painful.”

Olivia: “??”

Aubree: “you’re such a sissy.”

Brooke: “hahaha use the new dildo sissy. You need to make yourself cum!”

I got out my new vibrating dildo, and began using it on my clitty, it felt amazing. After a few minutes of using it on my clitty, I got the idea to use Jacks fake cock dildo in my ass.

I was so excited to try this, I was happy no one could see me, for fear they would see how excited I was. got jacks fake cock dildo and stuck it on the floor. I began bouncing up and down on it, as I held the vibrator on my clit. I only lasted maybe 3 minutes, until I was cumming everywhere.

Text message to group: Dan: “omg that was amazing.”

Olivia: “we knew you’d love it! ?”

I woke the next morning at 6am, showered, shaved my entire body, put on pink and white laced panties, with a matching bra. I put on some basketball shorts, and a sweatshirt, I thought to myself, these are the only 5 minutes, everyday, that I spend in boys clothes. With that, began the short walk over to Aubree’s. I walked into Aubree’s room, as she was also getting ready.

Aubree sat me down in her makeup chair, and began applying some light make up, and lipstick. I told her today was a pretty basic day, since it was a little chilly.

I picked out black leggings, an off white sweater, and converse sneakers.

Aubree: “awee sissy you don’t even make a bulge in those tight leggings.”

I blushed. I could feel myself getting more feminine every day.

Text message from Aubree: Aubree: “come sit with us at lunch today.”

Dan: “okay, that sounds great!”

Normally I ate lunch at a table by myself, I would do homework, or sometimes watch a tv show or movie on my phone.

Olivia, Brooke and aubree, are all on the high school cheer team. They introduced me to some of the cheerleaders that I didn’t know. All the girls seemed very excited about a big party this weekend.

Aubree: “Sarah, the party got moved to tomorrow, so we’re going to the mall tomorrow morning. Remember that’s Madeline’s big surprise birthday party”

Madeline was another girl on the cheer team. Her boyfriend is Chase, who’s on the football team.

Dan: “oh uh yes mistress. I can’t wait.” I didn’t really want to do more shopping but I guess I had no choice.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

I got to Aubree’s car after school and we drove to the mall.

Olivia: “Sarah, we have to make you look all pretty for tonight, so we’re going to get your hair and makeup done. You’re going to look so hot! The boys are going to be all over you!”

Aubree and Brooke giggled loudly.

I didn’t say anything. I was now very nervous and feared this would be much more than just a shopping trip. Even worse, I feared tonight would be much more than just a birthday party.

Part 17:


We got to the mall, first thing we did was go to this hair saloon. I already had about shoulder length brown hair, as my mistresses had made me grow out the last couple of months.

Hairdresser: “ahh hi you must be Sarah, I’m Kathleen.

Olivia pushed me forward.

Dan: “uhh.. y-y-yes mistress Kathleen, I’m Sarah. I said as I curtseyed.

Kathleen: “Such a good sissy. And what will she be having done today?”

The girls told Kathleen what they wanted as I sat there in misery. Wondering how this could get any worse.

Kathleen added hair extensions so that my wait was now down to the middle of my back. When she was all done, I had curls on both sides of my head, and the my hair was pushed to the right. She also waxed my eyebrows and drew on fake ones. I looked very passable for a girl, if you put make up on me, I’d look pretty.

Aubree: “come on sissy, we have a couple more stores to get too.”

The second store we went to was Brazilian wax, I gulped knowing what was about to happen.

Brooke: “you’re going to look so cute all hairless. We’re finally making you into a proper sissy. Go on in, tell them you have an appointment for 3:30.”

Dan: “yes mistress Brooke.”

I walked up to the counter and told the lady I was Sarah Brennan and I had an appointment for 3:30. The lady smiled and told me to follow her to the back. Olivia, Aubree, and Brooke all followed me. She led us to a room where she told me to strip, before she walked out.

Dan: (panicking) “strip? I have to get completely naked?”

Olivia: “yeah what did you think was gonna happen?”

Brooke: “we need to get you all ready for dick tonight.”

Aubree and Olivia roared in laughter.

Aubree: (still laughing) “shhh don’t tell her that, that was supposed to be her surprise.”

Olivia: (still laughing) “you better strip before she gets here, or you’re gonna be in big trouble.”

I began to strip off my clothes, I got down to my bra and panties, took of my bra, looked at Olivia begging with my eyes, that I wouldn’t have to wear just my cage.

Olivia: “go on.”

I silently groaned, removed the panties, then laid on the on the patient table.

Shortly after that a very hot, young 20 something girl walked in. She had bleached blonde hair, was very short at only 5 feet tall, B cup tits, and a decent body.

Wax lady: “hello. You must be Sarah, I’m Ally. We’re doing a Brazilian for you right?”

Dan: “oh uh yes mistress.”

Ally: “my such a good sissy you are. With your locked clitty, and referring to me as mistress, it looks like your mistresses have trained you well.”

Dan: “yes mistress Ally they have done a great job.”

Ally: “Now there’s no need to be so nervous, I’ve done my fair share of sissies, so I’ve seen it all before. We’re going to start in the pubic region. Okay?”

Dan: “oh uh okay mistress Ally.”

Olivia: “oh sorry Ally, I just thought of this, can you make the are above her clit into a heart shape?”

Ally: “of course! That would look very cute.”

She began applying the wax, and a substance like tape, and then without warning ripped it off.

Dan: (screaming) “OWWWWWWWWWW”

Ally: “don’t worry it’ll get easier, first one is always the most painful.”

It eventually did get easier, but it still stung. I had my asshole waxed, and the rest of my body waxed, she even did my face. She explained how the good news of this meant I didn’t have to shave for at least 2 weeks.

I stood up naked and finally looked at myself in the mirror. My whole body felt so smooth. My clitty looked so cute, especially with the little heart above it. That little haired heart, was now the only hair on my body, below my eyebrows.

Olivia: “now sissy we’re going to get you some piercings. We’re getting your ear lobes, a stud for your nose, your belly betting, and you’re gonna get nipple piercings! It’s gonna look so cute!”

Dan: “oh thank you mistress, I’ve always wanted piercings.”

That was a lie. To be honest I was horrified.

We got to the piercing place, which was just a tattoo shop. The lady working there was in her mid-thirties and had tattoos and piercings covering her body.

“Hi I’m Amanda, what can I do for ya today?”

Aubree pushed me forward.

Dan: “Hi I’m Sarah.” I said as I curtseyed. “I’m here to get my ears nose, nipples, and belly button pierced.”

Amanda: “okay we can do that. Just go sit on the chair over there, I’ll be right over.”

I went to go sit on the chair, I could hear the 4 girls whispering in the back round but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Amanda came over and pulled the chair up next to me. She began Apollyon’s numbing cream to my ears.

Amanda: “You have nothing to worry about, I do sissies like you all the time.”

That made me a little relieved, at least I wasn’t the only guy walking around with a belly button and nipple piercings.

Amanda: “okay this is gonna sting a little, but it’ll be quick.”

She used a tool to put holes through my ear, there was a sharp pain but it was quickly over.

Amanda: “alright take off your sweater so I can do your nipples.”

I removed my sweater, so I was judging there in my bra.

Amanda reached out and grabbed the bra, she began rubbing the fabric.

Amanda: “this such a cute bra, the color pink looks so cute on you.”

Dan: “thank you mistress Amanda.”

Amanda pierced my nipples and belly button, which hurt more than the ears and nose, but it wasn’t too bad. Amanda gave me some cream to prevent infection, and then we left.

Olivia: “okay now we’re going to a jewelry store then we’re done.”

We walked to a jewelry store and my mistresses picked out some earrings and nose studs for me. They were just basic fake diamond earrings. They pick out nipple rings, which were also just diamonds.

Aubree: “Sarah, we’re going to let you pick out 2 belly button rings. Which ones do you want?”

I walked over to the belly button rings, there were tons. Basic diamond ones, heart shaped, flowers, ones that said “love” or other words. I picked out a pink heart shaped one, and a pink flower one.

When we’re checking out all the jewelry the shop clerk said to me, “these will look great on a sissy like you! I wish my boyfriend was brave enough to do something like this.”

Dan: “oh uh thank you mistress. I hope they do look great.”

It was a long day of shopping, and I was exhausted, we finally got back to Aubree’s car and began driving to Aubree’s house, were we were going to get ready for the party.

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