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Whats your views on pegging verses real flesh .

Hi all the clue is in the description lol. Pegging or real flesh?. Well i have had both so here is my story. I will tell you my preference at the end of this blog . So my 1st gay sex experience was when i was still at school when a friend ask me to finger him and i duly obliged i then let him finger me and did enjoy it . Fast forward a few years and was married with kids but the gay thoughts were still there. We often visited the local gay bar but the wife had more succes than me and clearly liked lesbian sex . So i thought mmm i'll try dressing up for her but she wasn't interested shame . Fast forward another few years divorced and remarried . . if you have read my last article you will know the story ? . So once liza was born the 1st thing we tried was pegging . I remember it like it was yesterday she had me on all 4s so that she could see each thrust and boy did she thrust so much so she broke the dildo . Now the good thing about pegging is there's not alot of mess and having a woman shag you hard is really nice. The downside is its usually planned you know its coming still nice but takes the edge of a bit . Now real flesh oh yes you get it all you choose shall i suck it till he blows or just present and let him have you . Either way you gotta clean up afterwards so rhats rhe downside. But on the plus its a spontanious action you get to flirt till he's hard and has to do something . you take it in your mouth the warmth the throb as it gets harder . Then you let him enter you mmm the feel of the flesh sliding in is heaven . Then he cums it feels like gallons you can feel it fluttering in your tummy your happy as a girl you had the power to make him want you .He's happy just because he has shot his load . Just gotta clean up now . So for those patient enough to read and wait for my preference . Well BOTH because i am a greedy slut as long as i get fucked i don't care xxx liza

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darcoipd 28 w

My plugs/dildos/getting pegged are good. They get the job done but you can't compare them to real cocks. Just the feel of it inside you, the taste of delicious cum. There's no question real cocks are #1!