what a woman needs.

So i'm getting into this writing thing all story's are a true part of my life .

Well hello readers . After such a big responce to my story's here's another. Remember these are all true and did happen . So what does a woman need simple make her feel special . So how do i do that i hear you ask ?. 1st rule smell her the scent is unmistakable . Ok its there now in your mind . 2nd rule let her lead she will tell you what she wants . Like the time i was out with my relative and he intrduced a friend . After a while she mentioned she needed a odd job doing and her hubby was to busy to do it . I offered my help and arranged to meet at her's in a hour . I arrived knocked the door she opened and wow the scent radiated from her . Oh and the short skirt and basqe was a give away .Within minuetes she was down on her knees cock in mouth and a cheeky finger up my butt . How she knew that was ok don't ask .soon after we were in her bed in the 69 position .Me sucking her clit her with her tounge up my arse. Next thing i know her fist enters me and she pushed untill it was upto her elbow . Bi now her clit didn't interest me she was wet through anyway . So next thing was she said she needed a drink and left the room . She came back with a bottle of wkd drank it down and said your having it   Yep bottle up the arse . Hehe i won cos she thought i would scream . Not a chance after taking the whole thing i said is that the best you can do .What happend nextx. oh you will have to wait xx liza 

Liza W

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