sissy fantasy

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A couple of things I fantasise about . But how many more sissy's fantasise about the same ? .

  • Personally I have only in the last couple of months delved into the sissy life . It's part of my natural evolution from a cross dresser to transsexual to female . In reality the female stage has been there for years but over the last 18 months it has really come to the front of my mind. I would still consider myself bisexual however the urge or need to have a cock inside me is now turning to lust. Being married to a supportive wife means that at some point all my fantasy's will come true . So what are they ?. As I often go out to bars dressed one obvious one is to bump into a good looking fella in the toilets have him make a stupid comment about sissy's only for me to reply I bet I can make you cum faster than any woman. Then I release his cock place it in my mouth as soon as it's rock hard lift my skirt and slide my pussy onto it . I groan as the full length slips in and feel that familiar twitch as he cum s inside me I pull him closer until I know I have every drop then release and send him on his way I have the pleasure of feeling his spunk dribble down my leg . But even better would be for the wife to cage me and order me to the bedroom and tell me I have to take what's coming . The front door knocks she answers and I here her say the sluts upstairs can I have payment now . . Over the next few hours the door knocks constantly as a steady stream of men enter the room and abuse my willing holes . I am covered in sticky  cum from head to toe  . And drank enough to feed me for a week .  After they have had their fun they all slowly leave . The door opens again and I thank the wife for the abuse .Oh I'm not finished yet she say's as the front door knocks again. I hear her say can I see the goods oh yes that will do now go split her . Oh my god all I can see is a cock and it's huge . And this guy is not messing around . The tip seems to slip in easily then I get the rest I can feel the flesh stretching then split as he forced his cock into me . I had never felt pain like it but also pleasure .The wife renters the room and say's make her bleed like the sissy slut she is . He duly obliges cums his  thick load and leaves . Now sissy your bleeding like a girl here are your tampons get one in quick your ruining my sheets. So in this fantasy what would be my biggest reward . Turns out that Mr huge cock is a surgeon the next day I'm in his surgery having my balls and cock removed and he forms me the perfect Virgina.  The Wife had secretly arranged all this and had pimped me out to pay for it . I'm now working full time as a slut and on my way to the 1st million . xxx 
Vicky The sissy 29 w

I love your fantasy. Mine was to be at school dressed in a school girl uniform ( I've been dressing since I was 14 wearing my sister's school swimsuits ) and being punished by the principal for bringing mum's dildo to school for show and tell and makes me show him how I use it, start crying and he puts me over his knee and starts spanking me and then pulls down my panties and shoves the dildo in me and I'm screaming and the football coach comes in and the principal says shut her up and shoves his cock in my mouth and they have their way with me when there finished I'm wimpering and bleeding from the ass and the football coach say I'm joining the cheerleader squad and I look up and say please no. Yes you are and I become the football teams little gangbang slut.

Carly Swallows 30 w

My goodness honey those there got me hot and botheres 😍 i would say i have many a time about both with slight variations but def the gangbang just with out the amazing everafter. Thank you for bringing those to the front of my mind😘. And my love hang on to that lady of yours she is def special to be so accepting