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We a small project that aims to provide a free service to all. In order to operate efficiently and implement additional feature we require additional funds that advertisements don't cover.

We have come up with a solution to offer all users high quality premium content.

For a one off donation you can gain permanent access to our gigantic collection of fast high quality videos to stream and download. As well as video content you will find hundreds of feminization books, audio files and other. You’ll even get a verified supporter badge next to your username as a Thankyou.

The great thing is you can donate any amount. Please be reasonable here and donate how much you think access to this resource is worth.

(Please note: Due to people the donating the bare minimum just to access the cloud storage. Any donations under $5 will not receive any donator privileges.

Don't miss out on possibly the largest sissy collection all in one place!

*Info will be received via email upon donation.

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