- Q. I haven’t signed up yet and wondered what the site was about before I do.

A. Think Twitter/Facebook for sissies, crossdressers, transvestites and people into feminisation. You can post images, videos, audio, text as well as create or join groups and pages. You can customise your profile and follow new people seeing their posts in your timeline. You can interact with other users and private message them.

- Q. How old must I be to join

A. The Sissy Network may contain explicit content so you must be at least 18 years or older to join. In some circumstances you must be older to view adult content, if this is the case you must find out your own local laws.

- Q. Do I have to pay anything either to join or use the sites features?

A. It’s free to join and most site features. As a free member you can post, message and participate freely on the site.
Recently we have implemented an account upgrade for site donators which gives lifetime VIP status and a few extra features for a one time fee. Upgrading to VIP status does not affect the usability of the site but does help us in covering costs and implementing upgrades to our services. Click here to find out more about upgrading your account.

- Q. If this website is free to use how do you make money?

A. Good question, primarily this has always been a passion project to bring likeminded people together on its own dedicated social network site. The aim of this site was never to ‘make money’. The site has always been self funded with a little donation funding throughout the years. We also implement banner ads to help generate some return, although it doesn’t pay much.
As explained it the previous question we have now implemented account upgrade for a few extra features, verified donator status and a chance to support The Sissy Network. Click here to find out more about upgrading your account.

- Q. I’m worried about my privacy. What kind of things of mine can people see if I sign up?

A. Well firstly the main and first piece of advice would be to not send, upload, update your profile or post any sensitive content you wouldn’t want anyone to see. Anything put on the internet can crop up so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Secondly, each account has privacy settings. Here you’ll find an array of privacy options from controlling whether you appear online or offline to only showing certain parts of your profile or timeline to certain users.

- Q. Why do I need to sign up to use The Sissy Network?

The Sissy Network is a closed community. This both offers protection to our users and non members from seeing unwanted content.
We hope this encourages users to have more confidence to post freely knowing they’re in a community of likeminded people.
Please note. Users can also customise privacy settings to control which members see their content.

- Q. I’m getting tons of notification alerts to my email inbox, how do I stop this?

A. Simply go into your profile setting in your profile and select notifications, here you’ll see two tabs notifications (site notifications) and email notifications. You’ll be able to check or uncheck each individual notification option. You now have complete control over which notifications you receive via email and on the site.

Q. I’m been bothered by someone OR I’m getting scammy messages from someone on the site, what can I do?

You can do one of two things or both! Go on to the users profile and at the top right you’ll see three dots, click that and two of the things you’ll see along with a few other options is block user and report user. Blocking is a super easy way of not seeing or hearing from the user again. If you deem it necessary you can click report user and we will look into all information.

- Q. How can I become verified on The Sissy Network? Why become verified?

A. There is no obligation to become verified but if you would like to become verified go to your site settings and click verification settings. Read the instructions and upload the two requested images. You will become verified once admin have looked at your request. Once verified you’ll see a pink tick on your profile.
By becoming verified it gives you additional credibility that you are who you say you are. Uploaded images will never be shared or shown publicly, only admin will ever see these.

Q. - I’d like to post links to products or services OR I would like to post links to other sites either in my profile, posts, groups or pages, am I allowed?

A. We have no issue with people posting links to external websites. However, please refrain from repeatedly posting the same links frequently as this may be flagged as spam. Make sure any links you do post are inline with site terms as linking to anything that go against our terms can result in account closure.

Q. What kind of these would get a user banned from the site?

A - Although non exhaustive here are a few examples of things that may get you banned from the site.
• Spamming or continuously posting the same thing.
• Although posting about or links to unrelated content isn’t against the rules continuously posting unrelated content or links to unrelated content.
• Private messaging users with the purpose of extorting money or luring users away from the site with the intent of extorting money.
• Harassing, hateful or negative behaviour in any form towards other members of the site.
• Generally, if you’re not acting like a douche you don’t have to worry.
Please note :- We have the right use our discretion to ban any user at anytime.